Originally an actor on stage and screen (and still appearing in the occasional stage show), Dorothy Fahn discovered a love for voice acting to become one of the pioneering voices in anime. A fixture in your favorite anime dubs from the otaku classics to the present day, Dorothy Fahn lends her versatile vocal talents to such great characters as Meryl from Trigun, Konan in Naruto, Kyoko in Sword Art Online, Nina Purpleton in Gundam, Maiko in Kill La Kill, and Lilymon in Digimon! She's the title character in Vampire Princess Miyu, Fujiko Mine in Lupin III, Marina in Bleach, and Melody in Hunter x Hunter! She continues her work in anime to this day and augments this formidable resume with appearances in western animation such as Miraculous Ladybug, Lego Friends, and video games such as Final Fantasy, Fallout 4, League of Legends, Elsword, and Mugen Souls! Her full list of roles is far too numerous for this page, but you can see a partial (and extensive) list of her roles at the Voice Acting Wiki.


Aaron Archer is an artist, illustrator, toy designer, creative lecturer, and Trans-Media planner! Well known as Vice President emeritus of design on Hasbro's global Transformers brand, spending 13 years of his more than 18-year career at Hasbro and Kenner focused on #Transformers toys and media, this fan-favorite creator has also worked on a variety of brands including Star Wars, GI JOE, Batman, Alien, JurassicPark and more! Archer is familiar with all phases and aspects of design, toy development, and media creation, and is here to share his creative experiences and creation methods with all of our BlurrieCon attendees!


From Tokyo, Japan, BlurrieCon welcomes back REAKT! REAKT's music is a high-energy mix of Japanese Pop, EDM, and Hip Hop. His musical purpose is to spread his sound and message to the world. REAKT will be setting the pace of our Saturday-night dance party with a rapid-fire blend of his own original songs and unique renditions of your favorite tunes from anime, and returning again on Sunday for an encore performance. Don't miss either!

  • Preview Here!

    Katie Starr is just your average mild-mannered cosplayer who dresses as superheroes, robots, and not least of all, Doctor Doom's most vexing nemesis Squirrel Girl, of the Great Lakes Avengers! But when convention time arises, she becomes the mighty NERD GIRL, with cosmic powers of education in cosplay arts and techniques! Meet Katie Starr and her not-so-secret superhero identity at BlurrieCon 2017, where she will be returning as a featured guest! Excelsior, cosplay fans!


    "..(Mike) reminds me most of the great Walt Kelly, who I consider the very best inker of the very best covers of Walt Disney's Comics and well as creator of the classic strip Pogo... and I like to think I know a great cartoonist when I see one."
    -- Patrick Block, Donald Duck artist for Disney Comics

    "Mike Bocianowski is the new Walt Kelly! And his work on YETS! is all the proof you'll need to agree with me! His storytelling is magical and lighthearted and his animal characters possess an inner glow that can only be found in the craftmanship of a master animator from days past. Whimsical fantasy at its very best! I haven't fallen in love with a new series like this for years!"
    -- CHRIS YAMBAR, writer for Bart Simpson Comics


    The creative crew behind FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD: ABRIDGED as well as FATE ABBREVIATA: ABRIDGED, this team does it all from acting to writing to production. They're here to make you crack with their hilarious sendups of these great anime series, and to show you how the process works with their informational panels...and most of all, to entertain you with plenty of humor and fun!


    A familiar voice from fan-favorite Team Brotherhood returns this year with another project: Lord Frieza of Youtube. Destroyer of worlds, slayer of all monkeys (except the accursed two which survived) Lord Frieza says SEXY things on his SEXY channel and does SEXY Frieza Plays on YouTube!

  • Visit Lord Frieza's channel here:

    Aaron "Snap-Fit" Fristik is a geek-up comedian whose comedy is off the sprue! Growing up on a steady diet of Gunpla which were assembled and thrown into battle straight out of the box, Snap-Fit is a mighty mech of merriment whose sketches are an instruction sheet for laughter!

    Aaron has inspired and amused attendees at great conventions from Tekko, Anime Mini, and others, taking awards for Best Skit at Tekko X-2 (2013), Second Place at Tekko 2014, and First Place - Advanced Performance at Tekko 2015!


    “nameless!” comedy is basically just a bunch of silly comedians, musicians, artists, and cosplayers jam-packed with silly ideas and geekery! From their 1920s-vintage headquarters at the Argo Theatre in Jamestown, New York, from the birthplace of Lucille Ball and the location of the brand-new National Comedy Center, "nameless!" brings fun, games, and laughter, performing shows, improv, and theater classes! With the broad appeal of their comedy, the name of "nameless!" is entertainment, and laughter is a guarantee!


    Chunky Red Bean Bun Rock comin' at ya from Planet Popstar! With influences from the Ramones, BABYMETAL, MIKU Hatsune, The Police, and others, this is a high-energy serving of nutritious rock and roll with a seasoning of delicious nerdiness! If you dig rock, games, and animation, you'll...well, you'll feel something!

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    LOST GAMERS is a comic covering many aspects of the geeks subcultures. Gaming, anime, technology, PC gaming, movies/music, and straight up metal. This is what happens when a group of geeky friends live, work, and play together, of course mixed with a healthy dose of one-offs and commentary on the happenings in the various geeky subcultures.

    But that's just the comic. In real life, THE LOST GAMERS are a group of geeky friends who live, work, and play together, and provide our convention with a healthy dose of one-offs and commentary on the happenings in the various geeky subcultures...

    Wait a moment....


    The Erie Rogues Gallery is an up-and-coming crew of cosplay crafters and actors focused on western comics and film as well as Japanese anime. This friendly crew of fictitious felons is here to entertain and amaze you, with a constantly growing number of characters and cosplayers in their troupe. Many of them are involved in local film production...don't miss the Sunday showcase of indie film which they'll be presenting at this year's BlurrieCon!


    Elycium Cosplay is a multitalented crafter and costume player, widely active in the convention and SCA circuits alike! With a strong interest in the realms of heroic fantasy and historical costume, Elycium strives to create detailed and intricate works of cosplay art. Elycium is also a highly skilled photographer whose photos excel at bringing the best out of any cosplayer's handiwork! Stop by their booth at BlurrieCon if you'd like to arrange a photoshoot, and don't miss the unbeatable Elycium panels on cosplay and fandom history!


    Seen at events throughout the region, Risuru-chan is an American cosplayer, anime fan, and gaming enthusiast who enjoys playing a wide variety of characters from across the fandom! If your costume is having a bad hair day, Risuru-chan is here to help you wig out with a style that makes people forget to question the physics of Jotaro Kujo's hat!


    Arcadia of Harlock's youth? No, this is Arcadia of Dalek battles we are talking about, but Arcadia Timelords is here to create, not destroy, and they build big! Mad props to them for their mad props! Droids, Cybermen, a Tardis at full (external!) scale, and a wide variety of costumes are all in this master crafter's repertoire, and you will find these great props to meet at greet you at BlurrieCon! They'll amaze and amuse you with their screen accuracy, clever craftsmanship, and ingenious electronic effects...and be prepared for a BIG surprise at this year's convention, when Arcadia debuts their most massive construction yet...a full twenty feet of Imperial devastation!

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