Artists and Dealers!

Among the popular annual attractions of BlurrieCon is our vendor space, featuring an assortment of artists, crafters, and vendors of fan-tastic merchandise. This page contains a partial list of artists and dealers confirmed for BlurrieCon 2017. More vendors are pending, and our waiting list remains open. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or artist, please scroll to the bottom of the page, or click here for more information.


Megaroad's goal is to seek out and provide unique merchandise that fans will treasure. We sell hobby items/model kits, gashapon, plush, blind boxes, stationery, apparel, accessories, and more -- celebrating time tested anime, toku, game franchises, and music as well as the newest hits.

Some franchises we currently carry include: Gundam, Zoids, Macross, Digimon, Pokemon, Splatoon, Love Live, Yuri on Ice, Haikyuu, Uta no Prince-sama, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Precure/Pretty Cure, Rilakkuma, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Gantz, and Studio Ghibli.

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    On a mission to conquer the world, one otaku at a time, Kyoto Anime sells a wide variety of wonderful merchandise including imported anime and video game merchandise from Japan, and lots of trading figures, capsule figures, plushes, and larger SEGA Prizes and models!

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    Cromwell's sells a variety of fantasy/sci-fi items including resin skulls, steampunk blasters, Egyptian papyrus, dragon boxes, clocks, canes, statues and other curiosities. They also sell handmade Crafts made from polymer clay, including rings, buttons, necklaces, magnets and other accessories.

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    PhaseID sells anime related merchandises like wallscrolls, models, action figures,figures and collectibles like Nendoroid, Figma, Playarts/Square Enix, and others. PhaseID also carries Japanese anime related clothing items (such as tees and hoodies), as well as plushes and toys related to Japanese pop culture, and a big selection of Pokemon related merchandise.


    HELL ON WHEELS is a traveling hobby shop for fandom! Mechanical pocket watches, neogourd water bottles, kimonos and Asian-style robes, dice and chainmail dice bags, media jewelry (Superhero, Dr. Who, LOTR, TV & Movie), keychains and tie bars, fans, chopsticks, pocky and oriental candy.


    Alexis Anime sells cat ears, cat ear headbands, figures, headbands, posters, wall-scrolls, costumes, masks, fairy tail keys, asuma, kunai, playing cards, fans, cups & mugs, plushes, bags, pillows, pins, key-chains, necklaces, leather bracelets, and many other lovely things!


    Nishicake is run by Nishat Fariha, a fun-sized artist based in Philadelphia. Nishicake offers a variety of merchandise ranging from stickers, buttons, pins, plushies, prints, charms all of which that is handcrafted with love! There is a mix of fanart and original art, so there's something for everyone!


    ConFabriqations is a producer of original art prints, polymer clay crafts (figures, magnets, accessories), cosplay and cosplay accessories, plushies, and buttons!


    Discint Studio creates a variety of prints and print-related items, including 2d art, stickers, bookmarks, prints, illustrations pins, and more. Discint produces both fan and original art in both digital and traditional mediums, but all are have a rendered painterly style similar to watercolor or Copic markers. Discint also does traditional commissions in a combo of brushpen, inks, markers, and watercolor.


    Spyral Eyed Studios creates one-of-a-kind hand sculpted polymer clay jewelry, figurines and collectables, inspired by Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Surrealism. They're kawaii!


    Starving Otaku Productions started in 2004 and is still going strong. Providing the otaku and neko communities with handmade cat ears and tails, and more recently collars, we are dedicated to making quality cat cosplay accessories for our buyers. Cat ears are hand-stitched to comfortable metal headbands (we have been using metal headbands since sometime in 2012) that we cover in black lariat cord. Tails measure approximately 34" long and are 4 inches in circumference (about an inch and a half wide). Ears and tails come in 24 colors!


    Our art consists of a blend of fanwork as well as original pieces. We offer mostly prints, buttons, and stickers of varying subject matter, including based on D.C. Comics, Cartoon Network programs (such as Steven Universe), anime (such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Osomatsu-san, and Kill la Kill), and musicals (such as Dear Evan Hansen and The Book of Mormon), as well as figure, aesthetic and minimalist pieces.

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    Run by cosplayer KenshinKyo, Country Designs creates paintings, cosplay items, acrylic items, and other hand made items, and is also skilled at creating custom fashions and alterations.


    Kitsune's Kreations creates a wide range of lovely things including crochet, quilting, cross-stitch and more. Kitsune likes to do more traditional Japanese items such as kokeshi dolls, anime plushies in crochet, Asian themed purses, photos, bags, hoods, buttons and more.


    Crescent Moon crafts beaded and wire jewelry as well as crowns and tiaras. Crescent Moon also makes foam cosplay armor. Finally we have recently started making a variety of plushies as well. See their DeviantArt page for examples.


    Yumekui Ouji creates pins, magnets, plushies, and small Lolita style accessories.


    From the Pickle Jar comes a cool and spicy assortment of anime inspired, hand sewn bags, pouches and tool kits of original design in colorful kitschy fabrics from around the world! From messenger bags that fit your laptop to cross body bags that hold a tablet, there's something for everyone, even a bean bag chair for your phone. Tool kit cases and pin cushion/thread catchers keep work spaces tidy while working on those last minute items for the perfect cosplay. accepts commissions for bags, backpacks, and pouches to complete the perfect look for your cosplay, so you can keep track of your personal items while posing for the perfect photo.


    On Dragon's Wing is a polymer clay artist, who creates small figurines. The subjects are figures of characters from anime, pop culture, sci-fi, comic book, and video games. Typical works are Dragons, Haku, Ohmu, Bath Tokens, Radish Spirit, Mokonas, Pipe Foxes, Flying Mint Bunnies, Daleks, Domo-kun, K-9, My Little Pony Dragons, Gunter, Ice King, Puppy Cat, Cat Bug, Chocobos, Mario Mushrooms, Cthulhu, Onigiri, Pancake Cat, Onigiri Dragons, Mochi Bunnies, Narwhals to name a few...


    Christina sells original prints, stickers, bookmarks, keychains, charms, magnets, buttons, and sticker commissions. Items that I will be adding this year include phone and handheld cases, small figurines, jewelry, and other unique artworks and handcrafted items. Christina will be sharing this table with artist Creepy Cute Chaos as well.


    Pink Pig Studios creates excellent fan made plushes, prints, stickers and buttons. Subjects are anime, comics and other fandom related art.

  • Pink Pig Studios is also the creator of last year's BlurrieCon T-shirt!

    Gotta Bead Them All creates earrings, bracelets,necklaces,and other custom jewelry, and also custom knit hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and socks. Other products include original stickers and key chains.


    Squishy Productions creates Pokemon hats, ds cases, buttons, and plushies. They're squishy!


    Black Unicorn Wood specializes in handmade geek chic accessories. This multifaceted creator makes jewelry from beads, polyhedral dice, polymer clay, and mixed media; buttons, keychains, magnets, and mirrors inspired by various fandoms; and handmade cold-process soaps.


    Creator and producer of original graphic novel series, this artist also creates original prints, coasters, magnets, dreamcatchers, and childrens' chapter books.

  • Information for Artists and Dealers...

    BlurrieCon's Artist Alley and Dealer Room will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hours and setup times will be announced here. Artists and dealers alike are welcome.

    Artists may sell anything handmade, including, but certainly not limited to, prints, buttons, stickers, plushies, comics, jewelry, and cosplay accessories. Fanart is allowed as long as it is your own work.

    Merchandise and items sold must be lawful to sell. It is up to all vendors to ensure that the items they sell are not dangerous, unsafe, bootleg, or contrary to any laws or venue policies. If necessary, our staff may ask items proven to be otherwise to be removed from display for the duration of the convention. Due to Convention Center policy, food may not be sold.

    Artwork and merchandise with "adult content" (nudity, excessive gore, etc.) should be displayed discreetly. Please remember that there will be many minors at the convention.

    All vendors, artists and dealers alike, must comply with all relevant BlurrieCon and Convention Center policies. Harassment of attendees, staff, Convention Center personnel, other artists or dealers, contractors, or any other persons must be strictly avoided.

    Table prices are as follows: Single dealer spaces are $125.00 for the weekend and come with 3 weekend badges. Dealer spaces are 10 x 10 feet in size (100 square feet) and include electricity (110 VAC only). Single tables are 8 feet long, cost $60 for the weekend, and come with 2 weekend badges. We also offer half-tables for $40, which come with 1 weekend badge. Electricity can be added to single tables and half tables for an additional charge; single tables with electricity are $85, and half-tables with electricity are $65.

  • For more information, contact the Artist Alley Coordinator at
  • Due to overwhelming response, the Artist Alley / Vendor Room is currently full for 2017. However, the 2017 waiting list remains open. Click here to put in an application for the waiting list. Applicants will be contacted if a space should open up.