Artists Wanted!

Attention artists: Do you want to have your art featured at our con? We are hosting multiple contests to find the perfect art for our badges, program cover, and shirts. Our theme this year is "Sci-fi". Feel free to enter more than one contest.

Cover Contest

Our cover is a double contest this year! First, we need a nice, bold, line art featuring our mascot and theme- then we are hosting an at-con coloring contest. That's right, the attendees get to color their own cover however they want! What we need for the contest is a fully inked, but uncolored artwork. The final dimensions will be 8.5''x5.5'' (half sheet of printer paper). Make sure your design will fit in these dimensions with room for our logo.

Badge Contest

We need three full color artworks for our badges: senpai (over 18), kohai (under 18), and staff. Incorporate our mascot and the theme but feel free to add other characters and elements too! The final badge dimensions are 2.5''x3.5''.

T-Shirt Art Contest

We are looking for art to be featured on this year's shirts! Keep the art simple with bold lines and limited colors to allow for the screen printing process. Include the theme and mascot. The rest is up to you!

Send Anything!

Do you have ideas or art that you don't think will work for the T-shirts, badges, or program cover? Send it anyway! The final word is up to our judges, and any art we don't use for our T-shirt, badges, or program cover will be art we can use to decorate the inner pages of our 2016 program. Wouldn't it be great if our program could feature all the best fanartists of the BlurrieCon community? So don't hesitate to draw something, and send it in.

Blurrie Image Galleries

ERIE, PA - The Blurrie Image Galleries are open! No, not bokeh images, though that would be quite appropriate for both cultural and naming reasons...these are galleries of images from past BlurrieCons. If you want to see what BlurrieCon is like, or relive the fun of past BlurrieCons, check out the galleries!

BlurrieCon 2016 Guest List

BlurrieCon 2016 is bringing in more guests than ever before! Creators, entertainers, and fellow fans in the realms of anime, gaming, culture, and music are coming to amuse and enlighten us all. We've collected our entire list of guests on its own page. Nicolas Cage is not coming...but choose "Guests" on the sidebar or go to to see who will be!

Panel Registration Open

ERIE, PA - As of May 5, 2016, Panelist / Programming Registration is open. Got a great idea for a panel, programming, fun and games, or other content? Register for your spot on the BlurrieCon 2016 schedule today. You can find the registration form here: (click for form), or on the Attractions tab of our website. (click the tab at left!)

BlurrieCon 4 Announced for 2016!

ERIE, PA - BlurrieCon, the North Coast's finest feast of anime, gaming, and geek culture, is back in 2016! Taking place October 14 through October 16 at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania, located at 1 Sassafras Pier on the beautiful Presque Isle Bay, BlurrieCon 4 is a convention without the conventions! Whether it's anime, or cosplay, or nerdcore music, or retro video gaming with Retrocade Erie, our convention will please veteran congoers and newcomers alike. Come on in, the blurrie's fine!

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