Changes for Vendors

The most immediate of the changes to BlurrieCon is for our vendors. Our vendor room this year will be the lovely Yehl Ballroom of Waldron Center. We have also reduced our vendor-room prices to the 2014 level. Single tables are now $50, and 100 square foot vendor spaces are now $100, and all spaces have access to electricity.

There is more. To reduce stress on our vendors and staff, we have simplified our registration system. It is now one single step. Artists and dealers now register through Eventbrite. They also register their table assistant or assistants (if present) in the same step. They pay, and they receive their confirmed registration, immediately upon completion. No more uncertainty over whether you've got a space!

Our exhibit hall is still first-come, first-served. However, to relieve some of the rush for spaces, and to give more vendors time to get in, we are opening the room in several stages. Round 1 of vendor registration begins this week. If it fills up too quickly for you to get in, don't worry, because next week, Round 2 will open up a fresh set of spaces. After these fill up, Round 3 will open up yet more spaces. This way, everybody has several chances to get in...not just one.

Vendor registration (round 1) is currently open as of July 8, 2018, and if you would like to register as a vendor, please go to

Changes for BlurrieCon

After five years, BlurrieCon has weathered a serious blow - the loss of our planned 2018 venue - and thanks to your support, and the friendly generosity of Gannon University, we have survived, even keeping our original date of October 12-13-14, 2018, and our new venue is looking positively stellar! We can't wait to show you all of the magnificent space that Gannon has offered us in the Waldron Campus Center!

But the venue change is not the only transformation we'll be making. We have used this difficult time as an opportunity to re-evaluate our convention and consider what we might do better! So there are other changes in store for BlurrieCon...good changes, and we hope you will find them to your liking!

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